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Make the transition between living areas and outdoor areas simple with our quality bi-folding doors. These types of doors are becoming increasingly popular, allowing homeowners to make the garden a natural extension of their home. Not only this, but they allow much more light to enter room, helping make it feel much, much larger.

The bi-fold doors we install have been designed to match the décor of your home and come with superior security features, helping ensure your safety. The seals used are high-performance too, keeping out draughts and noise pollution.

Bi-folding doors for inside and out

Bi-folding doors aren’t just a great choice for outdoors, but their great indoors too making the perfect division between two rooms. They allow you to create open living spaces and cosy private areas as you see fit.

To ensure that the bi-folding doors we install are a perfect fit for your home, we offer a range of product options including different colours, finishes, and glazing options. As our name suggests, each and every unit is made to measure, guaranteeing that the bi-fold door you choose will be used for years to come.

We are so confident in the quality of our work, that we won’t charge you until you are happy with the finished product. Just that way it should be. To find out more about our bi-folding doors you can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 0173 356 130 or email us at madetomeasurewindows@hotmail.co.uk

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